Naura Group represents style and quality as well as responsibility and sustainable living, by offering mostly sustainable brands and reducing our CO2 footprint. On top of this, we recycle collections from previous years and donate to charities.

Corporate social responsibility
At Naura Group, we aim to contribute to society. The past years, we have developed various collaborations and we intend to continue with these initiatives.

Rotterdamsche confituur
The Rotterdamsche Confituur is established in Rotterdam South in 2012. At Rotterdamsche Confituur, they believe in the power of commerce and social awareness. A product, made with love by youth with disabilities or with a distance to the labour market. At Rotterdamsche Confituur, these youth are offered the possibility to obtain a certificate which validates their competences. In turn, this provides them the opportunity to acquire other internships or even a job!

Naura Group supports Rotterdamsche Confituur by working together for partner gifts; a partner gift from Rotterdamsche Confituur is a meaningful gift. By having products from Rotterdamsche Confituur, the organisation is supported directly. This results in more youth being provided with a pleasant and educational internship. The colleagues at Van Uffelen Mode enjoyed a delightful Eastern package, provided by Rotterdamsche Confituur. That’s what we call enjoying responsibly!